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Review: Prom Nights from Hell by Stephenie Meyer, Kim Harrison, Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, & Michele Jaffe

Format: Paperback | Pages: 304 | Release Date: April 2007 | Publisher: HarperTeen

"The Exterminator's Daughter" [within Prom Nights from Hell] by Meg Cabot

Pages: 48

My Book Summary : Mary is the daughter of an "exterminator," someone who kills anything that is evil and goes "bump" in the night. However, she never expected to have one of those "things" going after her only friend and she won't let it get away with doing so. So, she plans on killing him before things get worse .... but then .... it get's worse. =0/

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. It was cute. And I really enjoyed reading the story from the different perspectives of Mary & Adam. =0)

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Book Teaser :
"Lila," I snap. "Shut up. Ted's right. You don't even know the guy. Because if you did, you'd never call him gentle."
"But he is," Lila insists, the glitter in her eyes fading to a warm glow. "You don't even know---"
A second later--I'm not even sure how it happened--I have her by the shoulders, and I'm shaking her. She's six inches taller than me and outweighs me by a good forty pounds.
But that doesn't matter. ~ within Chapter 3

"The Corsage" [within Prom Nights from Hell] by Lauren Myracle

Pages: 38

My Book Summary : Frankie and her friends go to a psychic to see what is in store for them. While there, they find out that the psychic is a little--okay really--weird, but before they leave Frankie notices a corsage that she really likes, so she asks about it, then asks if she can have it. The thing though about the corsage is that it’s cursed, and the psychic said that the person who had it before her was able to make three wishes on it, and they all came true ... which makes Frankie want it even more. However, just because the wishes may come true ... still doesn’t mean that they will turn out to be what she wants to happen.

My Book Review : 1 out of 5 stars. In truth I skimmed this one since it really didn't grab my interest at first. However, what I did read of it does make it feel like a scary story .... and not my usual type of reading ... but those who like the "horror" themes might like this one more so then I did.

Book Teaser :
"Is that a skull?" I asked Will.
Will whistled. "Holy cannoli."
"Okey-doke," Yun Sun said, averting her eyes. "If there really is a skull, I don't want to know about it. Can we leave now?"
I took her head in my hands and pointed her in the right direction. "Look. It still has hair!" ~ within the first few pages

"Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper" [within Prom Nights from Hell] by Kim Harrison

Pages: 60

My Book Summary : Madison recently got sent to live with her father and went from being the high school cool girl to her new high school's zero girl. However, she really didn't realize how bad it was until she was at her new schools prom and found out she was there with a guy as a pity date. OUCH! So, when she plans on going home and finds the hot guy wanting to dance with her instead, she plans on making the other guy find out what he missed. But when she gets into this new guy's car, she finds that there might be more going on then what she originally thought.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars. I really got into this story and now it makes me curious as to what happens within the series that this author has with this character!! Definitely gotta check this one out!

Book Teaser :
Josh was watching me when I glanced up. The guy with him was trying to get his attention, but Josh's eyes were on mine. Mocking me.
That did it. No way was I going to call my dad. And I wasn't getting into a car with Josh, either. I'd walk it. All five miles. In heels. And a long cotton dress. On a damp April night. With my boobs scrunched together. What was the worst that could happen? ~ within Chapter 1
Teaser #2

"Kiss and Tell" [within Prom Nights from Hell] by Michele Jaffe

Pages: 85

My Book Summary : Miranda lives in a boarding school where her only really friend is her roommate Kenzi. But during her days off (Wednesday & Saturday nights) she either is apart of her roller derby team or working at her jobs as a town car driver. However, ever since she was 10 years old, she has been "hiding in plain sight" trying to hide who she really is and her special powers. But when her latest pick-up assignment is a 14-year-old girl and the drop-off location is a bit shady, she can't just leave her there. So, Miranda makes plans to get the girl out of the situation she's in and protect her .... but how can she do that when she has no idea where to take her?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars. This story was about a super-powered girl (kinda like Jamie in 'Being Jamie Baker') who is still coming into her own and trying to do what's right, all without getting caught. It was better then I expected!

Book Teaser :
Miranda agreed to let Sibby order her own at the drive-through, then regretted it when she heard the girl saying to the guy taking the order, "Do I get a discount if I let you kiss me?"
"Okay, seriously, were you raised on Crazycake? Why do you want to kiss all these guys you don't even know?" Miranda asked.
"There aren't many boys where I come from. And what does knowing them have to do with it? Kissing is great. I kissed four boys on the airplane. I'm hoping to make it twenty-five before the end of the day." ~ within Chapter 4

"Hell on Earth" [within Prom Nights from Hell] by Stephenie Meyer

Pages: 53

My Book Summary : It's prom night and it seems that everyone is having a lousy time. What they don't know is that there is a demon amongst them, named Sheba, and has plans to make everyone miserable before the night is through, so she'll be able to become a higher ranking demon. And little does she know that there is one person at the prom who doesn't know what he really is, and that he has the ability to completely throw off her game.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. Really not what I was expecting from this author but still really good! It would be great if she would write more books about this world, since I would really be interested seeing as to where it could go. =0)

Book Teaser :
"I couldn't say," Gabe admitted. "Have you seen her?"
Logan pursed his full lips for a minute, as if debating whether or not to say something. He ran a hand nervously across his springy black hair. "Well, I thought I did. I'm not exactly sure, though. . . .She's wearing a white dress, right?"
"Yeah---where is she?"
"I think I saw her in the lobby. Can't be positive. Her face was sort of hard to see....David Alvarado's face was all over it...."
"David Alvarado?" Gabe repeated in surprise. "Not Heath McKenzie?" ~ within the only Chapter

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  1. I couldn't put this down. Loved it from start to finish.... buy this for a new refreshing change in what prom should be like.
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